…And more!

That evening Fabio kept calling my phone. He told me a time and a place, but would tell me nothing more. Our B&B hosts drove us to the location, handed us a plate of homemade pepperonata and potato pizza, and said goodbye. In the distance we heard the fast rhythms and melodies of traditional pizzica music. There was a path that led through the old stone walls of an ancient farmhouse. Following the trail, the music grew louder, huge candles appeared to light the path. We rounded the final corner and saw- a party! An old wooden farm cart, a big table laid with food, and under a cabana two groups were playing the pizzica!



The happy end to our surprise party!

Fabio greeted everyone and I translated. Then we watched the band and tried to get everyone to dance!

the girls

The local and traveling girls all had fun dancing at Fabio's surprise party.

And last but not least, the icing on the cake (literally!), at the end of dinner, Fabio unveiled a cake! Made by a friend of his, especially for us:

the cake

Yes...and what a cake!





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