Casilde’s Pepper Antipasto – Recipe

Bell peppers
Olive oil for frying (and/or mixed with sunflower or vegetable oil)
Bread Crumbs
White wine vinegar

What to Do:

1. Prep Veggies. Wash & dry peppers, cut in half and remove seeds and stems.

2. Heat oil in pan until nearly smoking. (It’s hot enough when something dropped in starts to pop or crackle.)

3. Fry peppers until skins start to blister. Remove onto paper towels to cool

4. Once cool, slice into strips. Add breadcrumbs, capers, chopped mint, a light sprinkle of vinegar and salt to taste. Toss.

Yum! Eat with crusty Pugliese bread or by itself. Great with a strong red wine like Primitivo (or its sister the Zinfindel), Negroamaro or any great Puglese Rosè.

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