Sneak Peek at the Sicily Avid Cycling Itinerary!

Hop on your bike this morning and stretch your legs on a fun uphill toward San Corrado, arriving at the ruined site of “Ancient Noto” which was leveled by the 1693 earthquake. Here the landscape begins to change, now dominated by “Sicily’s Grand Canyon,” the deepest canyon in Europe, whose steep walls descend 800 feet to a picturesque river below. The land is protected both for it’s fascinating geology and for it’s architectural remains. We then continue riding up the coast toward Syracuse.
– From the Sicily Avid Cycling Itinerary: Day 5 – PANTALICA & SIRACUSA

Sicily Avid Cycling: Day 2 – ANAPO VALLE

Sicily Avid Cycling: Day 2 – ANAPO VALLEY

After a cappuccino and fresh-baked Sicilian breads, head out to explore the Valley! You’ll see some of the most scenic spots in the region, pass some breathtaking vistas of the Anapo Canyon, and visit several tiny, but beautiful mountain villages. We have some tough climbs today, so we’ll have a support vehicle out on the road for assistance. Return, victorious to Palazzolo and relax before an evening on the town. Ride: Anapo Valley Loop, 52 miles. Accommodations: Hotel in Palazzolo Acreide