Piccolina Adventures offers culturally-rich bike tours of Italy. We enrich our tours through Italy’s spectacular landscape with a similar exploration of its history, traditions, culture, and fabulous local cuisine.

The inspiration for these trips came out of my own wonderful experiences living and exploring Italy. I remember certain moments, while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany’s hills, or making cheese on Piera’s farm, when I would think of my family and friends in California, and was filled with great energy to share the wonder of my experiences.

Our itineraries are crafted from my own personal experience and the recommendations of local friends. They are designed to visit each region’s particular sites and to connect you with the real people who live there. We visit places most tourists would never see.

Piccolina (“little one” in Italian) is a small company. We do only a few trips each year, but each one is personal and enriching. Our groups are small, our adventures are great. Our mission is simple, but its possibilities are endless. Though Piccolina was started by one small girl, she has a heart and energy that spans oceans.

Welcome to Piccolina!

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