Interested in Puglia? Here’s the Scoop.

We’re hosting weekly info and Q&A sessions to discuss the Puglia Bike Trip. Here is a summary of what we cover.


You can view the itinerary here:

Puglia is one of those places that continuously fills me with magic and wonder!! Hope it will do the same for you too!

The itinerary is crafted from my own personal experience and the recommendations of local friends. So we go visit Mamma Maria who taught me to make Puglia’s orecchiette pasta, and she teaches our group, not only to make pasta, but an entire meal as well! We visit Signore Fabio who welcomes our group each year with a party and live concert of folk music. Renato takes us out on his motorboat boat. And each trip is about having local friends share the beauty of their homeland with us. And having a good time. 🙂


We try to make it as easy on you as possible and coordinate the start/end of trip to coincide with the bullet train to/from Rome.
Travel suggestions are detailed here:


We ride quality Italian-made aluminum city touring bikes. They are good for the mixed-terrain riding we do. We also have van support on road for the longest rides. Pace is relaxed.


Feel free to call or email with any questions!

“We emerged from the forest and saw a m


“We emerged from the forest and saw a most breathtaking site…
a series of lava fields, so smooth and round that they seemed to still be flowing, except that of course I knew they had literally turned to stone.

And off to one side, trapped between two enormous petrified brown slabs, was an entire forest of brilliant yellow and red poplars, beeches and birches.

I am sure that Mt. Etna is stunning every single week of the year, but you’ll never convince me that its autumn coat isn’t its most glamorous.”

– Therese Maggio

The Soul of Sicily


“Or maybe Sicily is a vortex that pulls some people in – a center of the universe, like the Omphalos at Delphi, a navel stone that connected some inner world to the outer. Here the bedrock hums with hidden energy. Sicilians use it to build their houses, churches and streets. Their lives saturate the rock, carving niches, and pooling in the voids. Like water, the people taste of the stone that contains them. Sicily is a hard place to leave.”
– Theresa Maggio, “The Stone Boudoir”

Sneak Peek at the Sicily Avid Cycling Itinerary!

Hop on your bike this morning and stretch your legs on a fun uphill toward San Corrado, arriving at the ruined site of “Ancient Noto” which was leveled by the 1693 earthquake. Here the landscape begins to change, now dominated by “Sicily’s Grand Canyon,” the deepest canyon in Europe, whose steep walls descend 800 feet to a picturesque river below. The land is protected both for it’s fascinating geology and for it’s architectural remains. We then continue riding up the coast toward Syracuse.
– From the Sicily Avid Cycling Itinerary: Day 5 – PANTALICA & SIRACUSA

Sicily Avid Cycling: Day 2 – ANAPO VALLE

Sicily Avid Cycling: Day 2 – ANAPO VALLEY

After a cappuccino and fresh-baked Sicilian breads, head out to explore the Valley! You’ll see some of the most scenic spots in the region, pass some breathtaking vistas of the Anapo Canyon, and visit several tiny, but beautiful mountain villages. We have some tough climbs today, so we’ll have a support vehicle out on the road for assistance. Return, victorious to Palazzolo and relax before an evening on the town. Ride: Anapo Valley Loop, 52 miles. Accommodations: Hotel in Palazzolo Acreide